Women’s Attitude

When we talk about attitudes we are talking about many different factors that influence our presence. Our past, social stereotypes, own experiences have an important weight in our projection as a human beings. In this context, I chose to research in women’s attitude because of their presence has been ignored during centuries in the history. It is only two centuries ago that women began to dabble in activities such as voting or education. But we still can not talk about gender equality, we are talking about changing a perception that is deeply rooted in our society. But also it is not only about others, this research does not pretend to put women as victims of an unfair context. It is a long way for women, but the more they change, their presence in society is strengthened.

There is one important factor that influences human being in their presence, this is something maybe not 100 % obvious but has an important relevance in their behavior. Posture, in terms of body position we have evolved, from walking stooping to being able to walk upright. But if we look closely there are also differences in our positions that make a difference in genders. Studies show that the participation of women in the classes is much less than that of men, their positions are much timider and they tend to curl or hide folding arms. One of the most recent studies also shows how High Power poses such as stand, put your hands on your hips or open your arms increase our testosterone level by 20%. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to see portraits of many women standing with postures that were totally male years ago. Even the posture of open arms as a butterfly, it went from being classified as feminine and soft to be a self-confident posture.

Going back to the past and looking at the pictures of the women of the Bauhaus, I can see their intension to be photographed in their new great step, to be able to study in a university and also to be involved in a world of creativity and power. Although women were always segregated in the textile workshop, many of them with brilliant ideas kept exploring in other disciplines, struggling and imposing, but also demonstrating their incredible creative capacity. If we compare their postures, clothes and facial expressions, together with women of the same period we can recognize that there is a drastic change in them. Not only did they change their activities and ways of thinking, their body also changed and their behavior as new conquering women.

How Women’s posture and costume are changing in order to claim their position in the society?

Ideal Diagram - Women Attitude.pngCurrent Diagram - Women Attitude.png

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