1st intermediate presentation

On May 15th we had our first Skype meeting of all participants from Dessau and Tel Aviv. We heard about the process and saw presentations of the different directions and design concepts: The methodological research of the Dessau team and the intuitive research of the Tel Aviv team. It was a great and fruitful evening for both teams.

@galitshvo @danabenshalom@severin.wucher @bianca.herlo@bauhaus100
#baunow #bauhaus #mdesbezalel #telaviv#tlv #object #architecture  #sketches #3d#design

2018-05-15 21.27.422018-05-15 19.07.062018-05-15 21.27.432018-05-15 19.10.192018-05-15 20.11.252018-05-15 20.11.262018-05-15 20.12.002018-05-15 20.46.34-12018-05-15 20.11.242018-05-15 20.11.25-12018-05-15 20.28.352018-05-15 20.28.38-12018-05-15 20.46.34-2


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