Modular Home: Retooling Small and Smart, Shara Haues

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 14.57.56


As the Bauhaus meisters strove to create a balance between society, technology and aesthetics for their century, this design research aspires to do the same for the present, using communal shared spaces that reflect on the challenges of the 21st century.


In this project, Shara examined the differences between communities now and then, collected user experiences data, analyzed contemporary needs and technological impacts and created a new affordable communal living space next to the Bauhaus Institute in Dessau: Prefabricated modular homes that offer personalised space and easy maintenance. The design process adopts the Bauhaus grid structure, creating functional common territories that challenge the transitions from public to private, the relationships of the inhabitants with one another and with nature.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 14.57.40

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