New visions on Bauhaus, by Talia Janover

trumpA collage* made as a part of my research process.

In an experiment, described in Natalie Angier’s New York Times article “You Share Everything With Your Bestie. Even Brain Waves”, scientists have found that the brains of close friends respond in remarkably similar ways as they view a series of short videos, proving friends resemble each other, not just superficially, but in the very structure of their brains.

Surrounding ourselves (physically and virtually) with people that are similar to us, must have a narrowing effect on the way we perceive reality. Just think about your own facebook/instagram feed in reaction to a political event. Could we, in the future, use technology to broaden instead of narrow our perspective?

*The collage combines Erich Consemüller, “Untitled” (Woman [Lis Beyer or Ise Gropius] in B3 club chair by Marcel Breuer wearing a mask by Oskar Schlemmer and a dress in fabric designed by Beyer), c. 1926 and current image of trump and Kim Jong-un.

My team’s departing point was this research question: What promise does technology hold for communities in the 21st century?

#Baunow #co-team #brainwaves #technology #Bauhaus #newvision

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