Co-team introduction

Co-team Members

Christine Wildermann, Graphic and Web Designer currently MA student  in Integrated Design, Dessau-Rosslau originally from Venezuela

May Kassirer, Design Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Design, Tel Aviv

Shara Haues, MA Arch Student, Dessau-Rosslau, born in North-Iraq

Talia Janover, Multidisciplinary Designer and curator, Tel Aviv

Research question

What promise does technology hold for communities in the 21st century?


Since our subject deals with co-inhabiting, coworking, co-sharing, coexistence, communities and many terms related to co; Our preliminary research, as part of the first workshop in tel-aviv, was to get to the streets and talk with people.

We asked them 4 questions:

  1. where are you from?
  2. can you please describe your neighborhood in three words?
  3. what is the main problem in your neighborhood?
  4. how do you see that problem being solved in the future?

We identified three areas that rose from their answers:

1.Community and cultural issues

2.Urban issues

3.Municipality issues

Expose of each member

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