Longing: Materializing Memories by Ma’ayan Pesach

Maayan by Ben Deiman

Maayan Pesach, graduate of The Eindhoven School of Design and student of the Master’s Program in Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem in the design management track, created this project in which she argues that our perception of material is subjective, changes from one person to the other and is also affected by time, which influences our memory.

This position expands on the modernist approach of “truth to materials”, which claims that each material has one objective truth that should dictate its use.

Maayan conducted long conversations with elderly women, all living in the white city of Tel Aviv, in which she asked them to choose one single object that they cherish. Their memories, devotions and longings were translated into a book and new objects.
The new objects are glass blown vessels, that reacted with everyday objects and materials they came into contact with and froze their shape onto them.

Maayan3 by Ben Deiman

The opening event of the exhibition will take place on 15-08 19:00 at Hansen House in Jerusalem.
The BAUNOW project is a collaboration between the Master’s Program in Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem & Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau and is supported by a grant from the The German-Israeli Future Forum and Hansen House, Jerusalem.

Photos by  Ben Deiman

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