Marking the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Bauhaus School, BAUNOW Project has commissioned the graduate students of Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences to delve into the ideas housed by the Mythological School from contemporary perspectives. Concepts such as uniting all areas of creativity into one act, viewing human diversity as fruitful, sharing ideas, and striving to serve the common good, were introduced by the Bauhaus community and its founder Walter Gropius.

The project’s participants, all of diverse professional backgrounds, engaged in an exploration of the relevance of Bauhaus values in the face of the era’s challenges, while concurrently providing contemporary interpretations of the values in question. Three issues found on the agenda then and now – technological innovation, minimalist aesthetics, and fair society – hovered above the creative dialogue, which lasted about one year. On display in the exhibition is an array of work designed jointly and individually by the various participants, including objects, spaces, services, and communities, all of which reveal their approach on “Truth to materials”, community based sharing, and the relations between man and nature, craft and technology, the international and the local.

According to Walter Gropius, although man has developed a mutual relationship with nature,  the human ability to transform nature’s surfaces has immensely increased to the point that it may become a curse rather than a blessing. By what means will contemporary designers cope with the radical changes altering today’s environment, economics, and society? Even upon the completion of this particular project, the question remains unanswered and is left for further examination.

In October 2019, The exhibition will travel to Berlin Design Week, and will be on view at Kulturforum Museum of Decorative Arts as part of the design week’s flagship exhibition marking the Bauhaus Centenary. This project was made possible thanks to the support of the German-Israeli Future Forum. The exhibition was supported by Hansen House.

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